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            Anyang Shipfriends Electric Appliance co.,LTD is established in1978. We has developed into a High-Technology enterprise about the professional research and production of marine electric equipment and automation equipment. Having more than 20 years experience, we are praised by most users and have devoted a large number of first-class products to supporting the luxury tourist boats, ferries, bulkroro ships, pushing tugboats, engineering ships, oil tankers, cargo ships, and million tons of cargo ships for the shipbuilding industry. We obtain products approve such as CCS、ZY、ZC and meet with the inspection approval of International Classification Society such as BV, NV, NK, LR, GL, ABS, etc. Our products have received the service promises of the famous ABB Company and Schneider Company.

           Main products: marine main switchboard, emergency switchboard, charging and discharging panel, electrical test panel, monitoring aids equipment, charger, shore connecting box, shore distribution box, wheel house group control console, remote control, navigation light contrller, signal light controller, flashing light controller,alarm equipment, light telegraph gong, etc.

           We have a main workshop in Cheng Cunying of Beiguan Area, and a branch shop in the east of Yuanlin, Shengli Road. There are 128 employees and 56 engineering and electrical personnel. Our products meet with ISO9001 Quality Management System. We have persisted the approaches of "survive for quality, technology for development, management for efficiency, service for reputation".

            And also we design and make various products according to your demands. Welcome the leaders and related factories wholeheartedly, sincerely cooperating, and mutually beneficial win-win.


            You just demand, and we can do.

            Our excellent service can make you run smoothly.



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    安陽市船友機電有限公司,專營 未分類產品 電磁鐵、電磁閥 配電設備 監控助航設備 輪機自動化設備 精品展示 等業務,有意向的客戶請咨詢我們,聯系電話:13503721266

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